Estate Sale Prerequisites

I would like to have an estate sale….what are some things I need to know?

  • In order for us to consider doing a sale, the property needs to be “an estate”, meaning a household of things. A few pieces of furniture and some household items are just not enough to hold a sale. There needs to be a variety of items in order to make your sale more possible. Furniture and antiques are great draws for the customer, however many people love to buy kitchen and decorative items. It helps to have a variety of things!

  • We can sell just about anything! We sell food (don’t worry, we check the dates first!), shampoo bottles that are half full and other toiletries, cleaners, and medical supply items. There isn’t much we can’t sell and these are it:

                                Alcohol and Firearms.

  • We will put a price on old tires, paint, gas cans, car batteries, old tube televisions, etc. However, we are not responsible for removing them from the estate if they do not sell at the sale.


Requirements of Estate:

  • No one can be living in the home when we are preparing for the sale

  • We need at least 3-4 weeks to prepare for the sale (this can be longer depending on the size of the estate)

  • Electricity and water have to remain on while we are prepping for the sale

  • Homeowners insurance must be up to date on the home. We Are Not Responsible For Accidents!

Still Interested?

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